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Dest Beatz, White Flamingo - Balam ININ009EP

Dest Beatz and White Flamingo, combining Electronic Organic music with pre-Hispanic elements for ININ Records.
Balam came to life from the idea of ​​using pre-Hispanic elements, using a small clay flute and a rain stick, giving the song that touch of mysticism.
Dest Beatz is a Mexican DJ and producer. His music creates an environment with which you connect in a mystical way, making you feel in a timeless reality guided by its rhythmic and melodic variety. Whether in the desert, the beach or the concrete jungle, the crowd will experience joy and excitement as soon as they come into contact with the musical atmosphere of Dest Beatz.
White Flamingo, music producer, dj and audio engineer from Acapulco Mx. His sound stands out thanks to his unique style that explores electronic and organic rhythms of the world captured in a single essence that invites the listener to a spiritual journey within himself, accompanied by a vibrant stage presence that promises a great experience for the viewer. .

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